About Jerry

Photo by Boogie Magazine

Jerry is international performing artist Jerry 'Hot Rod' DeMink who has spent many nights playing shows across the country and abroad. Jerry, aka Hot Rod, is a diverse guitarist with deep roots planted in the soul of America's home bred music.  He has spent many years traveling and recording with Chicago Blues legend A.C. Reed and Americana icon Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs.

These days Hot Rod sticks around his home town of San Diego playing with his own band, teaching music, and expressing his guitar passion through his online, guitar centered, t-shirt store.

Want a free guitar lesson?  Check out this Blues lesson video:  Blues Lesson 1

Want to see Jerry in action? Check out the Jerry 'Hot Rod' DeMink Band:  Goin Down No More-LIVE

Sample and download music here:  hotroddemink.com/music